Supernova Vending | Vintage Arcades
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If you’re an existing restaurant and you need a new spark for customers, or are looking to revamp or fill some existing space you may want to consider adding a vintage video arcade. The retro feel and the cult following to see and play these games is unreal.

We have access to machines in private collections that could be loaned to your location!

Here are a few retro arcades currently successfully operating around the country:

The arcade will bring in steady revenue, but the traffic it brings and keeps is an incredible compliment to a restaurant, movie theatre, or a bar.  With “Stay and Play” your revenue from drinks will escalate higher.
The free viral press you receive from enthusiasts like Arcade USA and sites like Classic Arcades means free social buzz and web traffic.
Maybe someone reading this article might want to partner to bring some or all of these machines to a new location?
If you are an investor or developer feel free to contact us. 
Fixing and restoring these antique arcade machines is what we love to do!
Thanks for reading!