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We do not offer machines for sale.  But….

We are always wanting to acquire machines for collectors on the want list below.  We love fixing and saving machines from the grave!  Whether your machine is working, working needs restored, broken, or needs a full ground up restoration we are interested in saving your machine!


Machines we would love to find and save!  (5-25-18)

Lunar Lander, Pong, Zwackery, Domino Man, Quantum, Missile Command Cockpit, Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters, Frenzy, Discs of Tron upright, Wacko, Reactor, Inferno, Blaster, Mystic Marathon, Kozmik Kroozer.


Machines we have access too in private collections: 

After burner, Alien syndrome, Altered beast, Area 51, Arkanoid, Asteroids, Assault, Atari football, Black tiger, Black widow, Bubbles, Burgertime, Captain America, Castlevania, Centipede, Championship sprint, Choplifter, Commando, Crazy Climber, Crystal castles, Dark adventures, Death race 2000, Defender, Deluxe space invaders, Dig dug, Discs of Tron, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey kong 3, Double dragon, Dr. Mario, Dragon’s Lair, Duck Hunt, Dungeons and dragons, Empire Strikes back, Excitebike, Eyes, FHMC Qbert, Fix it felix, Food fight, Frogger, Galaxian, Galaga, Gaplus, Gauntlet, Ghostbusters, Ghosts n goblins, Golden Tee, Goonies, Gorf, Gyruss, Hogan’s Alley, House of the dead 2, I Robot, Indiana Jones, Journey, Joust, Joust 2, Jr. Pacman, Jungle king, Kick, Killer instinct 2, Lazarian, Lethal enforcers, Lethal enforcers 2, Marble Madness, Mario bros, Maximum force, Mega Man, Millipede, Missile command, Moon Patrol, Mortal kombat, Mortal Kombat 2, Mouse trap, Mr do wild ride, Ms pacman, Multi Williams, Multicade, Namco Ms Pacman Galaga Reunion, Narc, Nba jam, Neo geo, NFL Blitz, Off road, Omega Race, Open ice, Out run, Pacland, Pacman, Pacmania, Paperboy, Pengo, Pitfall, Playchoice 10 countertop, Pole position, Punchout, Qbert, Qbert Qubes, R-Type, Rampage, Rampage world tour, Return of the Jedi, Road blasters, Road Runner, Robocop, Robotron, Root Beer Tapper, Shinobi, Silent scope 2, Simpsons, Simpsons Bowling, Sinistar, Sky Kid, Smash tv, Space Ace, Space Invaders, Spider-Man, Spy Hunter, Star Wars, Star Wars Pinball 2000, Star Wars trilogy, Stargate, Street fighter II, Stun Runner, Super Mario, Super Pacman, Super Punchout, Super zaxxon, Tapper, Team Play, Teenage mutant ninja, Tekken 2, Tempest, Tetris, Toobin, Timber in Tron, Time Crisis, Time Pilot, Track n field, Tron, Turbo, Turtles in time, Tutankahem, Wizard of Wor, X-men, X-men children, Zaxxon, Zoo Keeper

We pay finders fees, we can find games for collectors (we work on finder’s fees), and love to keep an eye out for machines at estate sales.

Feel free to contact us.  Thanks for visiting!